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The Sugar Challenge

3 Days to Kiss Your Sugar Cravings GoodBye!

3 pm crashes, cracker binges, emotional highs and lows. trouble losing weight....  Get your free challenge that includes:

          + A breakdown of why sugar is addictive and what it is doing to your     body, hormones, and mental clarity

          + 10 Tips to Break the Habit

          + Tips to Avoid Sugar in the "Real World" 

          + 3 Day Meal Plan to help you kick the habit 

          + and more...

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5 foods that will help boost your metabolism & Slim down naturally

You can start now and learn how and why specific foods, and drinks, can help you boost your metabolism and lose weight naturally. 

These nutrient dense foods have also been shown to improve overall health at the same time.   

Bonus Recipe: This one incorporates all 5 foods and takes under 5 minutes to make.  Now that  deserves a high five!

Bonus Action:  A 7 Day, 5 Foods Check List to get you into the grove.