The Turkey Stole My Stretchy Pants - Take 2


You know you have done it. The unbuckle, unzip, lean back to try to release the tummy over the buckle bloat. Tis the season and it all starts this weekend in Canada! Turkey Day!!

A couple of years ago while pregnant with Mila I did a blog on my love affair with my stretchy belly maternity pants. From the zipper up it is all elastic, that surprisingly gives and takes with an expanding belly, and keeps your pants up at the same time. Who knew? Perfect for not only pregnancy but for the post-meal food hangover.

Now it is my love with my stretchy pants. Specifically my stretchy tight jeans. You know the ones – the first post wash wear they are tight enough to suck, lift and contour just right. The last pre-wash wear you secretly think you have lost some weight because they are now looser. Win-Win in my books.




The holidays are a whirlwind of get-togethers, parties and happy times. Each occasion may seem like a pass to splurge a little, but the consequence is the worst.

Last week I dove into why relying on our ‘willpower’ is BS and how we need to be strategic in how we ‘outsmart our brains with 3 tips to stop overeating at meals.

If you missed it you can check it out here Ditch The Willpower

Stretchy pants or not, here are some more top tips that will help keep anyone on track and evade that food hangover! That other type of hangover?.........well, you’re on your own.




Don’t skip meals or healthy snacks to “save room”

This will totally lead to the binge and a sure-fire strategy to holiday food hangover. Keep your normal healthy eating meals and snacks through the day leading up to the event. Don’t show up ravenous and ready to eat the whole cheese plate.

Remember your weaknesses!

This is not only regarding the sweet nectar of the chocolate gods but also (for me) things like bread and cheese.

Instant bloat.

So I have learned, and now am fine with walking away from those two loves. Why? Simply because I feel so much better not eating them, so I learned just to stay clear. So recognize your weakness and how it makes you feel – big picture not instant gratification.

PS – if you still do not trust yourself then have a partner in crime. E.g) my hubby knows how I feel and rant after I eat the cheese plate so he will give me friendly raised eyebrow to remind me to back off.

Choose Wisely

Relates to the above, but choose your first buffet picks wisely. Salad. Research suggests that you’ll consume the largest quantity of the foods you eat first (salad), so set yourself up for success by starting with a healthier choice like the veggie plate and hummus (or salad).

Hungry Man® Portion

Who doesn’t love going back for some seconds of Mom’s homemade stuffing or an extra large piece of pumpkin pie? Please remember you are not an Offensive Lineman for the Cowboys and that your body needs time to say to your turkey coma brain “hey dude - enough, I’m full”. Practice smart portion sizes and amounts.

Keep moving

I know it is so easy just to slide on that coach, semi-horizontal and moan, but try to keep moving. The holidays are prime excuse time and I hear it all: It’s cold - Wear more layers. I’m so busy – Guess what, everyone is busy. No time – Prioritize, you deserve that time.


Did you still indulge?

Just in case you didn't listen....

a) Try some hot (not boiling) lemon water with ginger and fresh mint. Triple digestion help.

b) Take some digestive enzymes. Our body naturally produces enzymes to digest food but certain factors like age, food sensitivities/intolerances, eating large meals lead to stomach upset. Having a high quality (very key) enzyme to help you digest meals more efficiently and elevate the senses of fullness and bloating after a large meal. This is the one I trust and my family uses*

Wishing you and yours all the best over this holiday season. Savour the time, laugh out loud and make memories.


* For 10 % off the digestive enzyme I use (that ships straight to your home) - Contact Me and I will hook you up!