Bye Bye Cougar Bump

I started the Cougar Bump close to 3 years ago because I thought the community and support behind older Moms was super sterile and well, kinda depressing.

I figured that if I was going to embrace being a new Mom in her 40’s, I better have some serious laughs and sassy moments along the way.   Then I figured, why not share them?  I know there are tons of mommas out there (older or not) that can relate to the true ‘gong show’ of trying to have and stay sane with kids. So I shared my posts, such as:

To Kegel or Not To Kegel

The Turkey Stole My Stretchy Pants

Oh Self Where Art Thou?

I didn’t understand the forum of blogging and writing (and kinda still don’t) but I just knew that there was something to be said, and a little fun to be had.

Not in a million years would I have thought that this journey would touch and introduce me to so many amazing people.     I have been blessed to meet ‘want to be’ Moms, Moms on their 4th round of IVF, Moms that have lost (and lost again), Moms that have 5 kids under that age of 7 (#SuperMom), and the list goes on.  Whatever the case, I can honestly say each one touched my heart.  One time I even had coffee with 2 older 40 + Moms and out of sheer coincidence they both did embryo donation resulting in 2 amazing kiddos!  

I think that was the best part of the journey for me.  Hearing people's stories.  Ones of triumph, ones that soften your heart, ones that make your cheeks hurt from laughter and ones that just let you know that you are not alone in this crazy wilderness of growing a life (inside your belly and out).   

I think there is power in knowing that you are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with keeping your head barely above the water, because technically you’re still above the water.  

So what does this all mean now? 

Well Mila is still the loudest kid on the planet, Jordan is growing too fast for me to catch up and I am still struggling to feel like a rock star in skinny jeans aka: Thigh Jail.     

So as I say good bye to my Cougar Bump and Cougar with a Toddler days and I say hello to something else that I feel really needs to be shared:  The MOJO!  Or shall I say lack there of.

We all know this to be true – sh@t changes when you are 40 plus, heck even 35 plus - kids or no kids, even though I think those little boogers heighten the transition.  When I say sh@t, I am referring to your weight, body shift (e.g. apparently my boob density decided to transcend to below my belly button), aches and pains, metabolism, sex drive (pardon, what?), hormones, mental fortitude and even a sense of who you are.  Somehow that all changes when you get older.  What you thought worked and had all figured out years ago has changed.  Insert a massive collective 'sigh'.

In the meantime we are trying to plan meals that don’t involve gold fish crackers, work commitments, driving from activity to activity while in the background the media is telling us that 40 is the new 30.  Ultimately, we're trying to figure out how to deal with this shift during the busiest of times.

We want to know why this is happening, but our time sensitive brains just want to be showed HOW to make it better because like I said - what used to work, doesn’t now.  And that is super frustrating.

Am I just supposed to settle with the changes and believe that this is how I am suppose to be at this stage of the game? (I've asked this often).

I'm telling you from first hand struggles and experience - it doesn’t. It 100% doesn't.  

So stick with me as I share my journey, educate and entertain (because if its not fun who is going to do it?), inspire action and above all else, keep it real and have some laughs with Mojo Moni.

So as a thank you for all the love and support over the Cougar Bump days, I put together a little token of appreciation in the form of a FREE GUIDE!  Yeah for Free!   This one rocks because its simple to understand, easy to implement and starts with the core of everything I educate and love - Nutrition (It is not a scary word, I promise. I will show you).   

Your Free Guide: 5 Foods That Help Boost Your Metabolism so that you can Lose Weight Naturally 

I will also include a CHECK LIST because if you are like me its check it or forget it!

Stay tuned!  This journey is going to be a good one!

With much love and gratitude.

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What kid doesn't love a hand in the face?  sorry Mila.

What kid doesn't love a hand in the face?  sorry Mila.