The Top Knot is Not the Man Bun of 2 Years Ago


Nothing like a kid to keep it real.  

My son says to me, ‘ Mom why do you always wear your hair up?’

My honest answer can be either be one or all of the below:

-       My hair is dirty.

-       It is hot

-       It is messy

-       It goes with my outfit

-       It is in my face

-       It’s easy and quick to do

-       It’s ‘cool’

My answer for him, simply:

-       I like it this way

The man bun thing was a fad that I didn’t understand but did appreciate the social push in making it a true lifestyle choice.  I also peeked a time or two at@manbunlifestyle posts to see how this lifestyle was working out.  For some it seems A-OK. Check it out and you will see what I mean.

However the top knot is different. For many of us, the knot is out of pure necessity.  We don’t have time to contribute to a ‘lifestyle’ and/or think about the impact we are making with wrapping our hair on top of our head.   But thankfully it has become more main stream and doesn’t seem to be a fading hairstyle like the banana clips of yester year. 

Yes I am really talking about top knots - stick with me

However, my knot ideology came to a screeching halt when my friend / hair stylist said:

“Beauty (he always calls me that and it makes me smile every time) – you’re giving yourself a mullet, you need to lose the knot”

A rush of anxiety came over me.    I am not and will never be one of those beautiful beings you see with their flowing locks down blowing wistfully in the wind as they run after their kids in the park – if you catch my drift.

And working out with my hair down?  Well, I won’t even go there.

So what is the moral of this top knot rant?

Well I wanted to stress that it really all comes down to:

Do what makes you feel good.    

If you love to style your hair then make time and do it.   If you love the convenience and style of your hair up - then do it!

(I happen to feel great in a soft worn T with lulu’s (and top knot) 99.9% of the time.  The other 0.01% I like to sparkle and go out and dance.)

Do what works best for what you so you can feel good and tackle your day with confidence.  The key here is making sure you give yourself a little time to even consider what may make ‘you’ feel great.

So have an amazing day!

My mullet and I are going to grab my banana clip and get going.


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