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Ever since I can remember I have worn a watch.  I think my first one was a plastic creation from a gumball machine that had a pic of Wonder Woman in action on the face.    I was obsessed and remember being crushed when the band snapped on my 5 cent purchase.

It was such a cool watch.

Flash forward 40 plus years and I still feel that same empty pit in my tummy, with a taste of anxiety when I realize I am not wearing my watch.    


Maybe because having something cool on my wrist projected some type of Wonder Woman power.   The power to leap children over tall buildings to get to school on time, to lasso up all business tasks before hockey practice and to make sure everyone is tucked in dreamland by 8.

So is my cool watch obsession really a time obsession?   That goes beyond being punctual and dreaming of superhero powers?

We all know that time is our greatest commodity.  It will wait for no one and as life continues to run with us a mock speed - we ultimately just crave more ….. time.

Unfortunately, my cool watch holds no power to the days that go by in a blink.   Weeks quickly stacking into months and years multiplying.

My guest blog post "Connecting during busy times.  A Mom’s story” touched on this topic. http://bit.ly/2yoVdgE

Sometimes it takes something to stop you in your tracks to bring you ‘back’ to having a real connection with your time.

This is mine.

As we closed out 2017 there was one week where my son would repeatedly

asked me,

“Are we late or early?”  

“Are we rushing again?”  

On day 1 of asking these questions, I paid no attention.   

On day 5, I started to pay attention.   

Enter reality check.

Being a busy Mom that is trying to strike a fair balance in Motherhood and ambition without sacrificing her vision, being present in moments and every ounce of energy is ….. super hard because we feel we don't have enough time.   

So Wonder Woman what do we do?

My sons repeated questions reminded me that we have to focus on what matters. That I needed to pause, breathe and remember that craved time should be given to what really matters to me.   And whatever it is we are doing in that time should get our present attention and focus.

Easier said than done, right?

First, let's write it down what matters.

Here is mine 

Me time (workouts, planning, manicures, reading)

Kid time (with family and one-on-one)

Hubby time  (Oh, poor hubby, he gets in there though)

Psst  Valentine is just around the corner.

Business (creating impact, helping others, creating options for my family)

Travel (let the world teach us)

Whoa!   Seems like a lot but when you physically write it down you actually become aware of  the little things that may creep in there and take away time from what really matters to you.   They’re sneaky!

Second. We need to stay focused on what we have written down because we all know how easy it is to let our minds wander to what is next on the daily agenda.

You may be like me and need a daily reminder

Ironically enough I actually started using my watch!    I discovered a company that not only had super cool, ‘where did you get that?” type of watches but get this …… their name is JORD.  

 That’s our mini name for our son - JORD.

Fitting considering he was the one to remind me in his innocent not so subtle way - too slow down and give time to what matters.

Suddenly I have my super power watch back.  Now every time I look at my new cool wooden watch I remember Jord asking “Are we rushing again?”  and its underlying message for me to come back to the moment.

“The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.”
~ JORD watches 

Yes JORD.  I 100% agree.

What matters most.




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