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The Sugar Challenge

3 Days to Kiss Your Sugar Cravings GoodBye!

3 pm crashes, cracker binges, emotional highs and lows. trouble losing weight... Get your free challenge that includes:

          + A breakdown of why sugar is addictive and what it is doing to your body, hormones, and mental clarity

          + 10 Tips to Break the Habit

          + Tips to Avoid Sugar in the "Real World" 

          + 3 Day Meal Plan to help you kick the habit 

+ Daily accountability

          + and more...


7 Day Meal Plan

To Slim Down & Rock Your Skinny Jeans

Have you ever done it?

Grabbed your favourite pair of jeans. Shimmied into them only to notice they are a tad too tight and then … yep, can’t button them up. You slither back out of them and throw them back into the closet, vowing to fit into them another day.

That day turns into weeks, and even years.

Does it sound familiar?

Perfect! This plan is for you.

Whether you want to feel sexy for an event or need a kickstart to reclaim my healthy habits.