Does the word “diet” make you cringe?

Good, because these programs are NOT a diet.  It is not about deprivation, calorie restriction, counting your macros and unsustainable rapid weight loss.   It is about igniting your metabolism an easier way without sacrificing your time or pizza and wine {because what is life without pizza and wine? - seriously}

These groundbreaking programs are evolving the way people view weight loss (which is really fat loss) in our 40s ++. In fact, it is a revolutionary way to get to the root cause of your slow metabolism (using 3 key principles), while regaining your health and your self-confidence. Getting your MOJO back!

Pick a program below to begin your journey to reconnecting with the real you.


The 21 Day Meta Fix


Learn how to jump start your ageing metabolism so you can lose weight, balance your hormones & get your energy back quickly while still eating all of your favourite foods easily  found at your local grocery store.


The 3M System


The 3M System is for over 40 busy women who want to lose diet resistant fat so they can reconnect with their body and feel strong and hot again.

It’s a 3-month intimate program where I work closely with you to achieve results and then hold your hand and hold you accountable as we move closer to your goals.

There’s no denying revving your metabolism and losing stubborn fat (desired goal) has a lot of moving parts… and thankfully, I’m an expert at breaking down each individual part and making it work in YOUR life.